E Pearson Creations started place to share my art. In 2017 opened an eBay account so try sell artwork I created. In 2020, decided to take a leap further into reselling part time with my eBay account. Coming to the end of 2021 attempting this full time. Currently running two eBay stores Old Gold Finds & E Mills Market. Just opened an antique both #126 at 101a Antique & Collectables in Amherst, NH. Reselling has been focused last couple year plan to go back to more artwork.

Newest Art Project That is in Progress

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3 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. E, I’ve been writing for 2 years about my passion for the Geo Bots, and you haven’t responded. I’m starting to be concerned that you don’t have any future plans for the Geo Bots franchise, and that my dear sir, makes me sad. 😢

  2. E! I’m really excited for what the future holds! I’ve always said that you should feed the reselling Monster by spending that’s so funny LOL LOL lol lol! Just got to feed it LOL LOL! When is the YouTube channel coming out? GEO BOTS!


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