Where I’am At

I am now a reseller of Old G old: Collectables, vintage, antiques, find my items from thrift store right now. I tend to look at Asian items, really anything unique that I see value in. I enjoyed learning what I found putting value to it #learnitvalueit. An other new work in progress is stained glass. Still learning this craft, sellable creations soon to come. Find my ART CREATIONS and my #oldgoods on eperasoncreations.com Explanations of my OLD G old find https://www.facebook.com/EPearsonCreations/ OR https://www.instagram.com/epearsoncreations/

E Icon

How I decided to have the big E as my icon? E comes from my first name Eric, it is also nickname from the past. Use color pencils my first medium to draw my icon, then scanned it to my computer. At time I was look at this adventure as artwork only, since then expanded into photography too. Hence the tree is to resemble an A for art. The tree works as way to present type photography and art I prefer landscapes, animal, nature, even though I have expanded my interest. In it is two states NH in the trunk of tree where I live now. FL where I grew up, F forms one side of trunk, bottom of the branches top of grass. L is the line in the grass. Just a little insight on my E Icon.

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