GeoBots Kids TeeShirt Are Here

There are now four GeoBots that I have created for kids ware of tee shirts. They are new version of drawing that drew when I was 13 years old. I called them GeoBots, because have geometric shapes made look like robots. My view for the shirt is for kids see shapes their wearing learn what they are, see robots as being different. GeoBots design to strange, I want them show kid different is fine.


Artwork Chance was created after read articles about white rhino becoming extinct. Found photograph I took at a zoo of a white rhino to create this artwork. Name of the work I felt was appropriate because white rhino may still have chance.


Artwork is of Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania field. The actual Memorial has 41 marble panels one name on each and one with the date. Without thinking of number marble panels I was drawing it turned out drew 11. I knew was drawing flag stripes instead of the background of the field. It only made sense to draw 9 strip go with 11 to represent the date. The path walking up to the memorial is shape of wing, plan was to create a shadow of a wing write the names on the wall in white. When white did not work use blue and result was that names instead of the shadow created the wing from distance. I want show the memorial as realistic as possible, with my artistic additions.


The artwork Larry was created from a photography of a giraffe taken at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, FL. After making art pieces for family, moreover; this was the first artwork sell to public. I chose the image to challenge myself with the detail that was in it. The name of the work was chosen to resemble the zoo name where the original photograph was taken.


I enjoy visiting the lighthouse on coast of Maine. My favorite is Spring Point Ledge lighthouse because use the rock wall to walk out over to it. The Artwork Spring Point Ledge lighthouse however is drawn to show how it looked before rock wall was built in 1950. Find the history of Spring point ledge lighthouse at

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