Eric Christopher Pearson is the Artist/ Photographer behind E Pearson Creations. I grew up in early 80′ on the west side of Florida. When I was younger I would draw geometric designs on side of papers, maybe why I draw abstract now. I still have a notebook that I drew back then. Throughout high school & collage I took film then digital photography at local zoos. Many of my animal artwork is replications of these photos. Art was never became a focus during collage or adventuring into real job. After receiving a political science degree from USF, go a government security job been there since. Moved to New Hampshire soon after, which gave me a chance to explore. My desire to draw reemerged when a second cousin made water color of an eagle from my photography. I decided to start with using color pencils and found that draw came naturally. My first work with cheap set of pencils was Flume Gorge, which took year to complete. I became serous about making my talent into a business in 2017, after completing with quality pencils Two Dog for my brother. Now 2019 I have web E Pearson Creations for you to enjoy.

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